Frequently Asked Questions

General info

General info

Does BeltLife really work?
Yes. Recent research shows that the application of low-level, continuous heat is highly effective at reducing low-back pain. Our design provides natural and comfortable heat, while our patented shape ensures the heat is delivered to the area that needs it most. BeltLife is also completely portable, so your therapy is uninterrupted.

How does BeltLife work?
BeltLife works by delivering natural low-level continuous heat to your entire lower back. Learn more about HOW BeltLife works.

Why is BeltLife easier to use than other heat therapy products?
BeltLife requires minimal effort to use – there is no microwaving, plugging in, batteries, or sticking to the skin required. You just put it on and go.

How quickly will I feel ease in lower back pain?
Using a BeltLife heat wrap has been shown to ease common lower back pain conditions in as little as a few hours. However, we recommend at least 24-48 hours of continuous wear, especially with new pain. Learn more about HOW BeltLife works.

Does BeltLife prevent future pain?
Continued use of a BeltLife heat wrap, especially after your back has recovered from pain, has been shown to help increase flexibility, relax lower back muscles, and promote a healthier, stronger, and pain free back. It is also recommended to wear BeltLife in cold and wet climates to insulate your back from drafts, thus minimizing the onset of lower back pain.

What sizes is BeltLife available in?
BeltLife comes in three sizes: S, M, L

What is BeltLife made of?
BeltLife is made of 100% Spanish Merino sheepskin – the finest, softest, and most luxurious wool in world, optimal for medical use.

Is BeltLife safe?
Absolutely. BeltLife uses your body’s natural heat and will never reach a temperature that can cause discomfort or burns.

What if my pain doesn’t go away?
Though heat therapy is beneficial in battling many common causes of lower back pain, it may not help in cases of especially severe and chronic back conditions, or your case in particular. We strongly encourage you to visit a medical professional if your pain persists.

Is BeltLife a weight belt?
No. BeltLife is NOT designed for lifting heavy objects. However, BeltLife does provide a baseline level of support for tasks such as gardening, housework, light lifting, etc.

Is BeltLife new?
No. BeltLife was first created to help lower back pain sufferers in 1996. Read more About us.


When should I use BeltLife?
BeltLife can be worn anytime you feel lower back pain – whether it’s new or recurring pain. It is also recommended to wear BeltLife in cold and wet climates, during seasonal climate changes, as a general back pain preventative, and during athletic activity. We have also found that many people simply wear BeltLife throughout the entire winter, because it’s warm, comfortable, and helps keep your back safe!

How do I wear BeltLife?
BeltLife is worn using an elastic band attached to a sheepskin patch.
1. Lay the sheepskin patch fur-side down, so the velcro strip is facing you. Attach the elastic belt so the velcro strips are aligned and the belt covers the top of the sheepskin.
2. Put on BeltLife by wrapping the elastic band around your waist so the bottom of the sheepskin patch reaches your tailbone. Adjust for comfort.
3. BeltLife is best worn directly on the skin or you may also wear it above undergarments.

How long should I wear BeltLife for?
You can use BeltLife for as long as you need – it will be warm as long as you wear it. With new or recurring pain, we do recommend wearing BeltLife uninterrupted for the first 24-48 hours.

How quickly will I feel ease in lower back pain?
Depending on the individual case, you will feel easing of pain in as little as a few hours of wearing BeltLife. However, we do recommend at least 24-48 hours of continuous wear to start, especially with new pain.

Is BeltLife comforatable?
Yes – very! Because it’s extremely soft, wearing BeltLife underneath clothing feels great on your skin. And because it’s so thin, besides the pleasant heat on your back you won’t even know it’s on.

Does BeltLife get too hot?
No. BeltLife never gets too hot for discomfort, and maintains a stable low-level temperature for as long as you wear it.

Can I use BeltLife as a replacement for heat wraps, hot patches and electric heating pads?
Absolutely! BeltLife is a non-disposable heat wrap – cost-effective, non-messy, and a comfortable means of delivering heat to your lower back without any risk of burns.

Can I use other topical creams or gels while also using BeltLife?
No. You should never use topical gels, ointments or other creams while wearing a BeltLife heat wrap. However, you can try using BeltLife as a replacement for these creams.

Can I use BeltLife on inflamed areas, bruises, or open wounds?
No, you should not wear BeltLife on any open wounds, inflamed areas, or bruises.


How do I clean and care for BeltLife?
We recommend brushing your BeltLife with a small wire brush to maintain its fluffiness. You can also air out the BeltLife sheepskin patch by simply hanging it outside, away from direct sunlight. In extreme situations when a more thorough cleaning is required, we only recommend professional dry cleaning.

Where should I store BeltLife?
To prevent damage, your BeltLife should be stored in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight; damp or wet conditions should be avoided. When traveling, we recommend using the provided breathable pouch to ensure proper ventilation.

Can I wash the elastic belt?
Yes. You can machine wash it on warm, and then lay flat to dry.


How is BeltLife shipped?
To provide the best service to all of our customers and the quickest access to pain relief, we only ship express.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Please select the ‘International Shipping’ option at checkout.

What if I want to return BeltLife?
We have a 30-day money back guarantee policy. If you are unsatisfied for any reason and would like your money back, we will be happy to refund you for an undamaged BeltLife. Please contact

What if ordered the wrong size?
If you ordered the wrong size, we will be happy to exchange it for you. Please contact